About Our Products...

Island Aggregates provides top-quality washed, crushed and screened material. Our products are good for everything from landscaping to building roads! 👍

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Crushed Product
3" Minus Stonebase
Driveway Chip
Cart Path Chip
3/4" Drain Rock (Fractured)
3/4" Minus Road Base
3/4" Rap
1 1/2" Minus Stonebase
3" Clear (Crush)
3" Minus Sub Base
Washed Product
Bedding Sand
Washed Driveway Chip
Pea Gravel
3/4" Drain Rock (Round)
C-33 Sand
Crusher Sand
Navi Jack
Fine Sand
1 1/2" Drain Rock
3" Minus Pit Run
Oversized River Rock
Pit Run
Grizzly Rock